Lieutenant Columbo Tribute

Invite Lieutenant Columbo to your party using a Master Impersonator

Imagine the President of your company or association up at the podium.

Then imagine Lt. Columbo wandering in, lost as usual, and interrupting (prearranged, of course)! What follows is a program incorporating the funny anecdotes and idiosyncrasies that everyone knows about each other. (Bill Smith changes his hairstyle every other week, or Sharon Jones is popular for standing up at every meeting and giving her famous speech on why the company logo should be changed).

Information on as many as 25 to 30 of your key people, along with all the common denominators revolving around your company – a new voice mail system no one knows how to use, or that parking problem at headquarters. Nothing sensitive, just a terrific way to add a touch of levity to a typical or uneventful function. Think about it, you really can't laugh any harder than when you're laughing at yourselves!

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