Let CEO Production manage the details so that you don't have to.

CEO Productions is able to put together a team to manage all the details of your corporate event or live band production.

Utilizing the skills of successful meeting and event planners, CEO Productions can help make your event a huge success.

First we will sit down and discuss with you the tasks that are needed to conclude a successful event. This will include a punch list of items required to be met to make sure that all the elements will be completed in a timely manner.

Second, we will provide a timeline of items to be achieved. The list of needed activities will be placed in order with deadlines set for the achievement of these tasks. Items will be separated into Pre-, On-Site, and Post- categories. This will make certain that the items are seen clearly away from items to be achieved at a different segment of the process.

Each of these items will be gone into detail fleshing out additional needs that may be hidden within each segment.

Third, tasks will be reviewed for potential delegation. If efficiency or cost savings results through the delegation of some of the tasks required for an event, CEO Productions will proudly delegate such functions to help ensure the highest-quality corporate event possible for our clients.

Here is a sample timeline:
15-12 MONTHS before the event
o Suggest program and "needs" list subjects
o Define audiences
o Determine needs
o Draft theme/title
o Determine pricing
o Establish program budget
o Select dates
o Conduct site inspections
o Book meeting, banquet, and sleeping room space
9-12 Months before the event
o Determine speakers
o Determine agenda: business and social
o Contact speakers
o Contract transportation: ground and air
o Coordinate facility needs
o Send "save the date" mailings to audiences
o Solicit exhibits and sponsors

6-9 MONTHS before the event
o Review program needs
o Review audiovisual needs
o Review and refine budget
o Select catering and event menus and themes
o Communicate with vendors
o Establish registration procedure
o Design registration materials

Even if no total delegation occurs, there still has to be a delegation timeline. This is because there are always committees, suppliers, caterers, hotels or other 3rd parties involved in the process that will have to be communicated with during the process. This ensures that communication is happening in a timely manner and that issues are being resolved prior to them becoming problems.

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